Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Secure and Protect Your Backups with Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup enables companies to extend their backups to the cloud. When you run Veeam Availability Suite on-site or in the cloud, you can use Racksquared's enterprise grade cloud storage for your off-site backups. We make protecting your data simple. Getting your data off-site securly the cloud within a matter of clicks! Racksquared provides an easier way to add local cloud to your data protection strategy. Today you can automate your cloud backup and replication and not have to worry about complex configurations and setup!

How it Works - 3 Easy Steps

Complete Form

Sign Up

Complete our Veeam Cloud Connect sign up form for a free 30 trial. Enter the number of VMs and the amount of storage needed. Simple pricing & plans. Data transfer is free, you’ll only pay a set price per VM and for the storage you use. In the event of a disaster, we can even restore your files to our infrastructure to get you up and running.


Configure Your Backup

Select Racksquared Data Center as your preferred service provider target for Cloud Connect. Login with user name and password provided.


Backup Your Data

Select your schedule and backup your data to Racksquared Data Center's backup target. Restore from Racksquared at any time with no additional cost

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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup is included within Veeam Availability Suite v8 and above, Veeam Backup & Replication v8/9, and Veeam Backup Essentials v8/9 at no additional charge and with no additional licensing required. If you do not own Veeam we can provide monthly Veeam licensing as a service.

Our backup as a service works with VMware or Hyper-V hosts with Veeam backup. Hosting your backups with Racksquared Data Center provides protection of virtual machines and the data stored on virtual machines. Rest assured your data is safe when stored in our secure, 24x7 managed data center.

Secure Backups with Veeam Cloud Connect

  • Ransomware Protection
  • Our Environment
  • Why Use Veeam
  • Backup Best Practices
  • Our Expertise
Data protection that works!

The key to preventing ransomware is keeping your backups protected and out of the reach of attackers. Racksquared's backup consulants will work with you to make sure your backup strategy works and backup best practices are put in place.

  • Immuatable data storage
  • End to end data encryption
  • Optional air-gap copy
  • S3 compatible storage
We make sure your data is secure

Your backup data is protected every step of the way to the cloud, and while being stored in the cloud.

  • Data encrypted in transit
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • Data stored on encypted SAN storage
  • Immnuateble data stores
  • 24x7 operations & Support
Racksquared Data Center
Easy pricing with the best protection

Veeam makes protecting your data in the cloud easy. 10 minutes of setup and you can start protecting backup immediately.

  • Protect against internal and external threats to your data including cybercrime, ransomware and hardware failures
  • Eliminate older tape backup technologies
  • Modernize existing backup solutions, store backups longer
  • Improve IT costs with modern cloud backup solutions
  • Purchase software subcription over capital expenditures
  • Racksquared Backup Services helps you get up and running quickly
3-2-1 Backup best practices

Backup best practices 3-2-1 rule states that you need to keep three copies of your data, stored on two types of media with one copy off site. But getting backups off site can be challenging due to limited bandwidth, exploding data volumes and a lack of resources required to build or maintain a true off-site backup repository.

With Veeam Cloud Connect, you can master the 3-2-1 Rule without dumping money and resources into a second site or adding bandwidth — just leverage cloud backup repository services from Racksquared Data Centers.

immutable backups
Meet the Racksquared Team

The Racksquared team has been working with the Veeam Backup and Recovery platform for over 15 years and will work with you to make sure that your backups are protected and secured in the cloud.

Minimum Requirements
  • Veeam Availability Suite v10, Veeam Backup & Replication v8 or Veeam Backup Essentials v10 running in your data center
  • Recommend bandwidth: 1Mbs for each 300 GB of data
  • One usable public IP for outbound communication
Veeam Silver Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing model is very simple: We only charge per-GB of storage and a small fee per VM. There are no bandwidth or data retrieval fees. Our 24×7 customer support is included at no additional cost.
A Backup job creates a backup of one or multiple VMs and saves the backup file to the designated repository. This backs up a VM directly to your Cloud repository in the Racksquared cloud. A Backup Copy job copies the backup files from a local backup job to your Cloud repository. This means you would have a local copy of the backup files along with an offsite copy in the Racksquared cloud. We recommend running a Backup Copy job as it will allow you to restore backups faster using the local restore points and provide you with the industry best practice 3-2-1 backup model.
If you are not a Veeam customer, Racksquared can provide you with monthly licensing of Veeam Backup & Replication software.